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my name is ryan mac and i'm here to talk to you about sports investing now if you're lucky enough to have a ton of money to invest in years to wait for it to mature there are a lot of options open to you and maybe this isn't the best one but if you live in the real world and you're looking to turn small money into something substantial fast

I can tell you from personal experience there is no better option with lower risk in a bigger upside than sports investing give you an example say you got 10 grand you want to grow fast what are your options well you could play the Powerball say two hundred dollars a week at the end of the year you'll have lost every single penny because the chances of winning are 175 million the one true fact you

have a better chance of getting hit by an asteroid so state-sponsored gambling is out hey you never know yeah yeah we do it's a loser you could play the stock market it's a form a gambling right but you and I both know the market is a rigged game all the profit is squeezed out of every stock before you or I ever get our hands on it it's a club and only the

big-money firms get to play in that sandbox those guys have super computers making automatic trades every millisecond after hours trading common man locked out all of it but let's just say Lady Luck is with you you do everything magically right and over the course of an entire year you manage to produce an outstanding an almost impossible twelve percent return congratulations Sonny Boy you did good he made twelve hundred bucks of course minus those fat

transaction fees on every trade don't spend it all in one place nope in my opinion the best investment by far for someone trying to grow money fast is sports investing and here's why a deaf mute with earplugs and a blindfold with the lights out hanging upside down in the dark throwing darts can hit fifty percent Helen Keller with an OE g board fifty percent Stevie Wonder that cute chick in the office who's never

even heard of Aaron Rodgers they can all hit fifty percent bet in sports even a coin flip gets every single one of you to fifty percent why well because on any given Sunday there are only ever two teams playing each other one of those teams is going to cover the point spread and one of them will not and you get to choose the real beauty of the whole thing is you only need

to hit fifty four percent to make excellent money as a sports investor get closer to sixty percent just one extra winner in every 20 and you'll be rolling in greenbacks faster than Lady Gaga can get naked at a yankee game all you need to do is find an expert who can hit a better percentage than playing spin the bottle and you got a tremendous money-making opportunity that's where I come in I've been

sports investing for better than 30 years you do anything for this long and you get damn good at it or you're gone my job my chosen profession is to make you money and make money for myself wagering on sporting events right along with you now i'm sure that life has taught you that the best things in life are not free i have to plow most of the membership fees i get from

my customers straight back into buying these hot sides so i can get them from the professionals who work with me what are hot sides well through time there have always been professional gamblers who make money an absolute killing at this game they buy houses and cars golf courses and private jets send their kids to college retire all with their gambling winnings take the movie casino with Robert De Niro Sam Rothstein was a very real

guy and made a fortune doing what I do Big Daddy Matthews the computer boys Billy Walters the kosher brothers you can google any one of them and just know they're so dangerous they can't even step foot in a Vegas casino to this day pencil pushers have banned them because they're so frightened of what they can do so I decided early on that these were the games I wanted to play with my hard earned

money now trust me these guys are serious as a heart attack and they don't work with me because I'm a charming guy they do it because they like the color of my money I get the games radim by strength sharing with you betim myself and I'm very happy I do what I do without ever handicapping a single one of them I don't track players I don't compile stats for me it's all source

based 30 years to brainstorming with the sharpest betting minds on the planet after all in the end you just need more winners and losers it doesn't matter where they come from now have you searched the various sports forums around the net you'll hear one thing over and over again you don't need an expert play your own games and they're right if you're a kid hanging out on a sports forum all day playing

10 or 20 bucks on your own selections you don't need me because you are not a serious player and there's nothing wrong with that it's entertainment have at it enjoy but to think for one second you're gonna beat the odds makers who spend hundreds of computer hours formulating a stiff line with your gut or some commercially available dog crap handicapping software you got another thing coming mr. Jones you get sick what do you

do sure yourself no he go see a doctor because he has knowledge and experience you don't possess and if you're really sick you'd go to a specialist well in the world of sports investing I am your specialist but I don't do it alone I've got a team that helps me make it all happen ever heard of a savant well I have one working on my totals these fascinating Rain Man type individuals see numbers

in a very different way than the rest of us it's quite astounding really you can ask a savant what day of the week November 18 19 18 fell on and get an immediate answer lightning fast and always the correct one well that's the kind of person I want working on my over unders I use a professional gambler codenamed blade feeding me one amazing game each NFL Sunday that's been hitting incredible pace over the

last four years Dominic breezy another source we call him the sly Sicilian he's to make the Vegas line or a different name for years he's currently hitting close to seventy percent sits march first through three sports and he works for me on the captain of the team i make all the final decisions the buck stops here when i have three or more sources banging away at the same hot side that's when i

make it a big game hunter alert that's what I'm known for my big games they call me the human ATM because I hit so damn many of them I call my huge selling unit plays monsters and my humongous 10-unit plays open-ended orders 10 units that's as high as I go now I'm making this video sunday august 19 2013 and at this very moment my monster plays are in an 18 and to run

and i have nailed 10 open tenders in a row long term my Frankenstein releases are running it just about two wins for every loss at 95 and 48 and you don't have to take my word for any of this because a daily results are tracked weekly on the web at sharp plays forum com your job all you have to do is commit to my winning program I write everything for you by unit

will set an affordable one unit amount Taylor to achieve the goals you've set for yourself within your means and minimize any risks so you're in to stay with the program long term you play just what I give you my unit and you watch your money grow and grow just follow the program it's more fun than a five dollar hooker on dollar night and you and I will do amazingly well example during March

Madness this year a one hundred dollar per unit man picked up 35 grand in pure profit clocked even more recently over just the last 47 days July and August the same player has generated another 23 g's in found money NFL preseason football monsters right now on a 91 run another six brand and from my high rollers you know big-money guys with dollars to burn of course they're doing even better but the point is

you don't have to be a fat cat to use my service even at $25 a unit you will do spectacularly well long term now I don't win every day or even every week run don't walk from anybody that tells you they do but follow my system and bottom line you'll do tremendously over the long term the grind as we call it the prices are reasonable I'm honest and you can buy in monthly

or I have seasonal discount packages I even offer an easy three payment plans so you can recycle your profits on the fly what's a client joins me they rarely ever leave so I want you in sooner rather than later playing like a professional gambler and generating healthy returns over the long haul remember there are only ever two teams competing against each other you have a 50-50 chance of winning with darts fifty-four percent and

better brings you returns you'll never get from a bank so hire me as your specialist and let's grow that bankroll together let's get to work call the office of 20 18 18 3028 to get signed up or get a board right on the website thanks for watching and it's Mack out for now let's crush them tonight gentlemen

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sports investing 12my name is ryan mac and i'm here to talk to you about sports investing now if you're lucky enough to have a ton of money to invest in years to wait for it to mature there are a lot of options open to you and maybe this isn't the best one but if you live in the real world and you're looking to turn small money into something substantial fastI can tell you from personal experience there is no better option with lower risk in a bigger upside than spo...