Exactly How I'm Making $2,500 Per Month Selling On Amazon FBA

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hey guys Stephanie here from projectlifemastery.com in this video I'm gonna reveal to you exactly how I'm making about twenty five hundred dollars per month selling on Amazon FBA fulfillment by Amazon now if you've been following my blog my goals my youtube channel then you'll know that one of my goals has been to launch an Amazon physical product and I've been working just behind the scenes part time on the side while

I'm managing four or five other businesses to do this and what started it all was going through a great course called the amazing selling machine it's one of the best courses I've ever been through it just basically teaches you step-by-step how to private label products how to you know make it available on Amazon through Amazon Fulfillment you know how to rank it get reviews sell it and be successful online within that a lot

of people that I've known a lot of people that are met at the live events that they host the whole community that they have are making hundreds of thousands of dollars per month following this exact model that I'm going to reveal to you guys in this video now I've only launched my product about two to three months ago and I'm pretty excited with the results of making about twenty five hundred dollars this quickly

and really it's just it's scaling up pretty rapidly and so I'll probably do some more future videos with you guys sharing the results over a period of time but I've been having a lot of people ask me about my results they've been asking me about the process to being curious about it as well as a potential business model for them to get into so I figured I'd put together this video for you

guys a step-by-step tutorial kind of give you guys an overview of how Amazon FBA works the process that I went through to get to exactly where I'm at today and of course it is a journey it is a process my goal is to do tens of thousands per month selling on Amazon building up my whole supplement line a brand all this sort of stuff so I can sure if you guys a

little bit about the direction of where I'm going as well now I'm going to be releasing more training videos like this and I'm going to kind of release a bunch in a row here that's going to share with you more of this business model how it works and just everything involved and I'm not going to hold much back I'm going to reveal to you my products that I'm selling I know a lot

of seller they're fearful of doing that because some people might compete with them or knock them off or whatever it is so I'm not going to hold anything back I'm going to show show you guys my results everything I'm doing but if you want to get access to all the training the videos that I'm going to be releasing then I'm going to invite you to subscribe to a special VIP newsletter where I'm going

to be basically just sticking primarily just to Amazon on that list and the reason for that is you know my youtube channel here my blog I share a lot of self-development type stuff and everything and so a lot of you guys might not even be interested in this so I really only want to speak to the people that are actually very interested in this they want to know more and that way I

can just send you guys the videos so you can stay up to date on my results what I've been doing and just receive some great training for me for free on how I've been doing all this sort of stuff so to get access to this list just go to project life master comm slash FBA okay project life master comm / FBA I'll put a link in the description or somewhere as well

and what I'm gonna do right now is I'm gonna transition and do a share screen with you guys so I can walk you through how I've been doing it everything and how my results work on Amazon alright so right now when Amazon calm and I'm going to give you guys an overview of exactly how to sell on Amazon and the process that I've been through as well as my results now Amazon is

ginormous they're a multi-billion dollar brand billion-dollar company you know people come to their website to buy all sorts of things and they're particularly big in the United States but they are expanding massively in all the other markets in the world you know in the Australia around Europe Canada all over the world and in fact they don't even make much of a profit they reinvest almost everything they make right back into their business so that they

can grow and expand even further so great opportunity for us but I'm not going to spend too much time talking about the opportunity I just want to show it to you guys just how the process works so Amazon people come here to search for products that they want to buy you know they go to the search section here and they're going to type in whatever it is they're looking for so you know

if they're looking to buy a supplement or if they're looking to buy you know a yoga mat or a water bottle or like a foam roller or some sort of kitchen appliance anything people can pretty much almost buy anything now on Amazon so when people go here and they search for you know a product let's say I type in you know foam roller I'm going to say they're going to type it in

and then they're going to get certain results let me actually shrink this a little bit for you guys okay there we go so you can see the certain number of results that showed up 1500 you know they can scroll through and basically choose which foam roller they want to know more about and purchase you know each listing on amazon has amazon reviews has the price the whole sort of you know deal here so

I don't need to explain all that to you probably if you use Amazon before you know about the review system and how everything works but basically the process of what I've been going through to sell on Amazon has been private labeling products so basically what you essentially do is let's say that you wanted to sell foam roller on Amazon okay and you're like okay I want to sell a foam roller or I want

to sell a supplement or I want to sell a yoga mat or like a spatula or whatever it is you would say okay I want to you know sell this on Amazon so what I'm going to do is I'm going to find a supplier or a manufacturer that can manufacture the product for me and then I can put my own label on my own packaging on that product okay and then ship

it to the amazon fulfillment centers in the United States and then create a listing and start selling it on Amazon so basically I'm you know using the rights from someone else to be able to sell the product here now it's not licensing or anything like that it's basically just taking a very generic type product and then putting your labeling and packaging on it and just selling on Amazon now you know let's say you

want to do a foam roller and of course there's a whole strategy and method for identifying what's a profitable niche what's a profitable product that you want to get into what's you know too competitive or what's not competitive you need to make sure you do your proper research first for you decide on your product to know what it's going to take to sell whether you're going to make money and just basically what it's going

to take to outrank everybody else on Amazon and get more reviews than everyone else because you know the products that sell on Amazon the top you know the best ones are obviously the ones that show up and the highest and the search results for its keyword you know someone types in Foam Roller they're not going to scroll down and go to the 64th page to you know find our product if it's listed

there obviously you want to have your product it's high up for its keyword possible to make the most amount of money ok so let's say you wanted to sell a foam roller and you determine this is the great product to sell there's a market there the competition's not to too much or all that sort of stuff and of course there are other factors too you have to look at in terms of the

price point okay what it's going to cost you per unit what you can sell it for what your profit margin is going to be as well as you know how big the unit is how you can ship it you know shipping costs and everything so I always recommend it what I've learned from amazing selling machine is you know go after products you can sell maybe for 10 to 240 dollar price range something

that's relatively small that doesn't weigh too much either because the heavier that our product weighs the more shipping cost is going to be more involved in it as well okay so that's a whole other thing I'm not going to get into it in this video but if you decided on the foam roller there's a two different ways you can find suppliers for it one is this website here called Alibaba I'm sure you've heard

of Alibaba they're growing massively right now and you can basically just type in foam roller here and you're going to find tons of suppliers all over the world but particularly in China because that's you know the cheapest place is usually to a private label and outsource your products too you're going to find a lot of suppliers here that basically have foam rollers so you can basically pick and choose and contact the suppliers ask them

questions you know and basically pick whatever foam roller you like best and then put your own label packaging on it and then make your inventory order from them and then send it to the amazon fulfillment centers okay so some of the questions you might suppliers and I might go over this in another video as well you go to at when I asked you know how much would it cost for you guys to manufacture

each unit for me you know if I order a thousand units or five hundred units from you you know or even two dollars or five thousand you know what are the cost in that so you can know exactly what your expenses are you want to know what the minimum order quantity is you know how many units do you have to order at a minimum from them you want to know how long is

it going to take you guys to manufacture it how long does it take to ship it from China to United States you know what are the costs involved in terms of shipping from you know by airplane or by boat there's some logistical things involved in that that you basically need to ask them and you want to again make sure it's a great quality product make sure that you know everything is something that you

are proud and happy to sell and you know will be successful and even something is going to stand out from the competition as well and all the other products here also so that's basically how you find a supplier you know this is a you know going to China and Alibaba you can find a lot of suppliers and manufacturers there but in my case I'm selling a supplement and we're selling a supplement you

can't really go to China for that because there's certain regulations and everything in terms of selling that with FDA and whatnot so for me I source my supplement from the United States and so another way you can find suppliers is just go to google.com let's say that you wanted to sell a supplement called Garcinia cambogia which by the way everybody sells on Amazon so I don't recommend actually getting into it is so competitive

I would just type in supplier so put in the product name type in supplier and you know here's Alibaba private label supplements there's another company you know there's basically a whole bunch of different suppliers that you can find and you can just contact them ask them about the price to cause the lead time all that sort of stuff okay so basically now once you have found your supplier you've asked them questions and you

get them to send you samples as well okay so you have each of them send you samples on the product you can test it out assess it make sure you're happy with the quality every makes sense and again there's a whole method and strategy to this that I can't really give you right now in this video but in the great course amazing selling machine they have their own strategy as well which makes it

very easy to ensure that whatever market you get into it's going to be the most successful but once you've decided on your product the next thing is get your packaging and labeling designed okay so foam rollers might not be the best example of this let me give you a something like a Garcinia cambogia let's take a look at that so let's say you decided on that so you need to get designed your label

okay so it's just basically the label the graphics that go around the product here I used a great website called 99designs comm um they're great because you can put up a contest for any types of graphics design or logo design or packaging and then you're going to have designers all over the world they're going to submit a concept to you and then you get a pick which one you like best or work

with them and that's basically how I got the labeling and packaging done for my products so you want to have obviously a label and a package that stands out it gets attention that's high quality that looks good that has all the benefits the features and whatnot in it and you can see you know just by looking at in the Garcinia cambogia space all the different labels and packages and all that sort of stuff

they have here okay so once you have the labels and the packaging done you're going to send that to your supplier they're going to put the label on your bottle or on your phone roller on your water bottle or your yoga mat or whatever it is and they're going to manufacture and produce the units whatever amount that you order from them and then what you're going to do is you're going to go

to Amazon seller central so let me show you how Amazon seller central works so I'm just going to login to my account okay Amazon seller central is basically where you're able to set up your Amazon listing deal with all your orders how everything works is right in here and I'll just kind of give you an overview of my account you can see right here the total units of those sold in last 30 days

about 139 units I've been making about 2500 per month you can go over all the statistics and everything they pay you out direct deposit to your bank account and everything and so basically I mean this is everything here that how it works you can see here is a performance your seller rating your account health as well as customer feedback and so the great thing is you know when you sell your product customers can

leave feedback in Amazon and the seller central and they can basically tell tell you basically you know give feedback to Amazon and how well you're selling as a seller and this is totally different than Amazon reviews okay this is all an internal feedback system which is really great because you want to be in Amazon's good books you want to ensure that your account health is good and you just kind of get extra points

by ensuring that you're a good seller on Amazon everyone's happy all your customers receive your products nothing is damaged things of that nature okay so here an Amazon seller central you have the ability to sit up and send your inventory here okay so I'm not going to go into the step by steps of this but essentially you know you could set up an inventory order and let's say you order a thousand units of

your foam roller Amazon it's going to then give you different locations in the United States of where to ship your product to okay and they typically give you a few different locations so if you have a thousand units of our product they'll give you multiple locations to send your product and the reason is they want to have your product in different locations around the country just to ensure that they can deliver it as

quickly as possible okay so you're going to basically then send once they give you the address or supplier is going to send either by boat or plane or whatever transportation you decide FedEx or UPS they're going to send your product to the amazon fulfillment centers here in seller central you're able to set up your Amazon listing now your Amazon listing is exactly what you see here okay so I'll just pull up this product you

get a basically put in the title for your product okay you get it put in you know the brand or the company name you get to set the price and everything you can offer sales and discounts you get to put in these benefits and feature sections here okay you also get to put in your description product description okay any other product details and whatnot you can basically just customize your listing and play around

with it alright so that's a basically what you're allowed to do now once you have your product and you're selling it okay and your fulfillment has been your inventory has been shipped to the amazon fulfillment centers you set your listing you set up your graphics all this sort of stuff when your product is live on Amazon it's not going to rank at the very top where it's keyword obviously and it's not going to

have all these Amazon reviews so the basically the next step is to launch your product and there's a whole process and method for launching your product of course you want to get Amazon reviews for it which will help build your credibility on Amazon and your authority under product and basically the way that Amazon they're their ranking system works because again the whole goal is to rank your product as high as possible for your keyword

on Amazon is you need to ensure you have the keyword in the title okay if your listing okay so Garcinia cambogia you want to have that in the title as well as other keywords that you want to show up on Amazon search form you also want to make sure that you have your keywords in the keywords section when you submit your product to Amazon seller central and set up your listing you can

select different keywords that people are searching for and so that your product shows up for that as well even having that you know the keywords wrote the section here as well as great so that's the the listing optimization for keywords the other piece that determines the ranking of your product in Amazon search is going to be the number of sales that your gets okay the number of sales as well as Amazon reviews and

particularly verified Amazon reviews verified amaz Amazon reviews means that someone bought your product and then they left of a review for it okay that means it's verified so the more sales that you get and the more reviews the higher your products going to rank for its keyword okay and there are some other strategies and methods and probably release a lot of this stuff in some future videos to you guys you know just how

to rank and and specifics in that sense and again you want to make sure you get on the email list at project life master comm slash FBA where I'm going to be sharing a lot of this stuff and emailing out all the different videos and training that I do on it now let me show you my product is my experience of what's been producing the twenty five hundred dollars in my second month

of selling on Amazon so I decided to sell a supplement and part of the reason is is I wanted to have a product that I can be passionate about something I could expand and build a brand around and something a product that I already personally use in my own life something that I can blog about something that you know is just in the future of what I want to do with my already

existing brand which is project like master calm and I've already done now two Fitness competitions and I feel that I can really market and sell my product better than other people in that market because I have a passion for it I can put in the time to work I have the marketing expertise for it in everything now my product I've never revealed to anyone until this very video and the reason is is

I wanted to be able to successfully rank it and sell it on Amazon without using my blog and my email list to sell it because I knew that if I reveal to you guys my product and I launched it on my blog and stuff my youtube channel then I'm going to have a lot of people are going to go and buy it right because they're going to support me are they going

to want my product and in which case I know that I'm gonna be successful because I have a list and a blog to do that but I kind of feel like that's cheating in some ways and so I wanted to prove to people that you don't need a blog you don't need to be Stephan Pilar knows you don't need to have a big email list or a YouTube channel to do this

you can do this without anybody knowing who you are and be successful at this okay so let me show you my product right now and of course when I reveal of it reveal it in these future videos I know it's going to start selling better than it Harvey is here that's okay because I've already proven what I basically know how it works and proving that it works so the product I'm selling is

called l-carnitine which is an amino acid and it's a product that I've used now for years which helps with your workout performance your workout recovery it can help with your energy and fat loss as well and I decided I'll kind of share what the reasoning why I got into I decided to sell al carnitine because it wasn't a particularly massive Miescher market there wasn't crazy amounts of competition as opposed to other supplements and so

my goal really wasn't to make like a million dollars off my first product it was just to basically make a couple thousand a month prove it works and then get into my next product and expand my brand in my line and that's what I've been doing I've already started my second and third product now and I've been expanding pretty rapidly because I've proven that this works based on going through the amazing selling machine

and everything so when you type in the keyword you know you can see the other brands and products that show up here now my product the crazy thing is it's not even ranked that high it's actually ranked right here for its keyword and it's been doing this kind of sales in the last 30 days so I know once I get my product ranked high up here it's going to be doing obviously

a lot more and be sung a lot more when I first launched my product right here it was actually like beyond the 20th page it took like I could I couldn't even find my product on Amazon for its keyword but basically just through the process of getting Amazon reviews and getting sales and everything and is marketing it and I'll go over that in other videos I was able to slowly rank it higher

and higher up for its keywords so now it ranks here and it's eventually going to be number one where it's keyword I've already got a hundred and fifty Amazon reviews for the product okay which is better than most I mean what this guy has 150 but my top competitors I think only have can they have 150 as well so the pace that I'm going at I'm probably gonna have over 200 pretty soon and

just dominate this whole market in Seoul niche so basically in some types in the keyword they're going to click on it and they're going to buy the product I got all these labels designed as I said from 99designs i optimize my keyword my title i've actually decided to go for two keywords l-carnitine like this okay as one word essentially as well as l space carnitine which is basically two words and I've also got longer

tail keywords and here as well if you come down here you can see all the benefits of it now when you're selling a supplement you've got to be very careful with certain claims and every every claim you make has to be backed up by a study ok there's actually a whole method in terms of sung successfully supplements and everything I also offer a money-back guarantee so can get refunds if they like my

product description here as well I have a bonus report so I can get people my email list as well which is really great so I can build an email list and all the people that buy my product and I can offer more products to them once I expand my product line and you can even offer promotions and special offers so for example I've got buy two bottles and get one bottle free you

know buy one bottle get 50% off your second bottle and then you give them different coupon codes that people can use as well and this is great because I have people that are buying more than one bottle for me at a time to three bottles sometimes you know your Amazon best seller ranking is basically your performance of how well your products doing so obviously that you know the better the ranking is the more

it's more money is going to be making you and come down and see all the reviews that I have is all legitimate reviews I've actually given away a lot of my products you know giving away to different people or giving it away using different coupon codes for a dollar or two dollars and having people test it out and use the product okay so there's a little whole method in terms of reviews all

the sort of stuff that will reveal at a later time in a video but that's essentially it that's essentially how this process works it's just ranking this product as high it was Cybil and selling it and then basically starting your next product and building out a whole product line the whole brand and the great thing with some on Amazon there's a lot more tools and resources that are available in terms of you

being successful on it one of which is they have their Amazon ads you can see right here the sponsored ads this has been a great thing that's really helped me sell these are my competitors and everything that are selling as well so Amazon ads can allow you to promote your product even further and get a lot more sales you can see down here new sponsor ads you know you know even in terms

of because they're building a brand you know building out a blog building out a YouTube channel using Pinterest Pinterest is great and Instagram too for a lot of physical products building out your Facebook fan page there's a lot of just core marketing things that can help you be successful at this and a lot of stuff I've already known that this helped me out a lot in this process but you know using a you

know amazing selling machine they teach you a lot of this stuff how to do press releases how do they Facebook advertising they're teaching you core internet marketing skills that will make you successful selling online of course you want to leverage Amazon as much as you can in terms of their traffic and ranking for the keyword and everything but you also want to go beyond that and promote and sell your product in other ways

too just by your own marketing strategies and that's part of the reason why like I know a lot of sellers on Amazon friends that I have there they're very afraid to share their product publicly with people especially when they're getting good results but for me personally I'm not afraid of letting you guys know what my product is I've always prided myself on being transparent on this YouTube channel my blog and everything and that's part

of the reason why I think people connect with me and trust what I'm saying is because I'll I'm willing to put myself on the line share my results I know that there are some people that will attempt to compete with me as typically always happens I know with Kindle publishing when I start sharing people how I make money on Kindle I had some people have just ripped off certain books and stuffs niches that

I've done as well and if you want to compete with me you're totally free to however you won't be able to really beat me because again I have the asset of my log my YouTube channel all this stuff that I'm going to be using to promote my product and sell it and and just even my marketing expertise and everything but there's so many markets that are amazing out there and I'll probably do

another video on how to find the right niche in market for you but you know finding something that you are passionate about or actually would use that is a big advantage because having something like that means that you can you're going to put in the extra work to market it and sell it and be really proud of it and so that's why I selected this product and I recommend whatever your product you select

make sure it's a product that you feel confident in in passionate about and then you can market and sell over the long run okay so hopefully this video just kind of reveals to you and shows you the overview of the process there's a lot of moving pieces there's a lot of logistics involved there's a lot more than obviously what I'm showing you in terms of the step by step and method a lot

with methodology the strategies launching your product all this stuff and it honestly be hours and hours and hours of videos for me to show you everything and sure to how I've been doing it all but I want to give you an overview and just share my results and I'll do again future videos I want to encourage it again to get on the email list project life mastery comm slash FBA enter your email

there so that I can you know I know that you're interest but interested in this sort of stuff and I can send you some more videos and training on this um again I mentioned this before the course that I use is called the amazing selling machine which is probably the best course out there teaching you how to sell on Amazon and you know this business is not cheap to get into I mean

depending on what product you're selling and everything there is some capital involved to get involved with it but the potential is massive I mean you're selling a real product to building a real business on Amazon and like I said there's people making hundreds of thousand dollars per month and there's actually even some people in the Facebook group for the amazing selling machine because they have a whole community that are posting screenshots I'm doing over

a million dollars in a month so it gives you an idea of the potential and amazon has and of course you know there is an investment involved in the course the training the live event everything you're getting but the truth is if you I've been doing internet marketing for seven years or so and there's no way I would be able to do what I've done here without the amazing selling machine course it just

would have been I mean for me to try to figure out all that stuff it would have been hell it would have taken me years to be able to figure out all the stuff they have in the program and that's with my years of internet marketing experience and I really believe that if you try to do it on your own you can't compete with everyone else that's in the program because they have

all the strategies and tools and techniques and all that sort of stuff of software's that they release for you as well that you don't have so you can't compete with people that have all those things as an advantage over you so you kind of need to have a good training program to be able to compete with everyone else pizza that's in the program so again get on the email list project life master

comm / FBA I'll send you some work videos hope you guys enjoyed this video now just kind of this overview of how everything works thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video

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selling on amazonhey guys Stephanie here from projectlifemastery.com in this video I'm gonna reveal to you exactly how I'm making about twenty five hundred dollars per month selling on Amazon FBA fulfillment by Amazon now if you've been following my blog my goals my youtube channel then you'll know that one of my goals has been to launch an Amazon physical product and I've been working just behind the scenes part time on the side whileI'm managing four or five other businesses to do this and what started it all was going through a great course ...