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hi my name is John with doc sports service one of the most recognizable names in sports handicapping industry since 1971 wow that is a long time and we are very proud of it while other con artists and scammers have tried to convince you they have the winning secret on sports betting doc Sports has stuck to our key values of trust honesty and being one hundred percent up front with our

records and fees now in this short video I'm going to blow your mind by telling you the actual realities of sports betting and how you can make some really good extra money from sports betting nobody has had the guts to tell you the naked truth but ironically all the people who consistently win know this truth you're about to discover what makes the difference between a smart sports investor and the average losing sports bettor

and what to do to be in the right circle I mean come on let's face it it's not rocket science to make consistent money from betting on sports thousands of people are already doing at every single day all they know is a little system that you're about to find out today that will transform you to making a lot more profits and wins instead of losses so if you really want to make profits

of 3000 5000 or even ten thousand dollars each month out of sports betting sign out of Facebook put your phone on silent and pay close attention to this video because it will change the way you think about sports betting for ever as you watch this short video until the end you'll discover our breakthrough sports betting system that makes winning almost foolproof it's one of the fastest and easiest ways to build your bankroll starting

from very little why should you trust me because this system is being operated by one of the most trusted names in sports betting advice systems and tips for over 40 years running doc sports is so trusted that our annual football publication called doc sports journal or those sports betting Bible as many guys called it can be found in every major sports book in the state of Nevada as well as close to 600 sports

bars around the country seriously walk in to the man de l'abbaye MGM grand or any of the big sports books on the Las Vegas Strip during the football season and ask for a copy of Doc's sports journal think about this for a second why would big names like Bellagio Caesars Palace aria MGM etc allow our publication to be inside their casino because we're trusted we've been operating since 1971 with thousands of happy customers

we have over 10 professional handicappers that have produced winning records for years in fact one of our handicappers is an ex sports book director from the Las Vegas Strip who has seen thousands upon thousands of bets made and knows what it takes when it comes to picking winners we also have several full-time sports and line analysts who do nothing but study every game and line on the board also some of our guys make

a hundred percent of their living betting sports we're upfront and honest about everything from A to Z other services and systems will try to give fake records false screenshots and promise you the world but deliver you nothing what these guys fail to realize is that it's much easier doing business the right way and in the end it's also more profitable we only like happy customers and will do anything to keep our customers happy and

spreading the word about dot sports will show you how to take as little as 100 to 300 dollars and snowball it into a big bankroll using a sports betting system that eliminates more risks and gives you the most statistically valid chance of winning in fact will prove it'll be just as profitable for you we made this video because we're sick and tired of watching nice regular people like yourself be misinformed and misled by

the so-called experts or handicappers out there selling you complete BS systems that don't work long-term we promise you've never seen the system we're about to share with you now we completely understand if you're skeptical this all may sound too good to be true our service has been the sports betting industry for over 40 years now and we've seen a lot of the same hype and outrageous claims you've probably seen look it can be tough

to make a consistent but from sports betting I get that perhaps you've already experienced some of these failures after all the odds are you have maybe you know what it's like to win a little then lose a little then win a little and lose little and so on you do your best to keep your head up betting your hard-earned money on what you think will be a sure thing only to see your bankroll

take a hit time and time again maybe you feel like no matter how hard you try you're just never going to figure out how to win more bets than you lose or make the kind of money you want to make does any of this sound familiar don't feel bad you're not alone and it's not your fault the reason for your frustrated efforts is not a lack of willpower that's for sure look

what is held you back from winning more often is failing to follow a proven sports investing system that has already worked for other betters let that soak in what that means is if you can follow a winning proven system that focuses on sports investing rather than sports gambling you too can enjoy the same kind of winning streaks our members ride every single month all you need is an insider to guide you and a

proven system to follow so that you can start winning more bets on a consistent basis and explode your earnings it's really that simple you don't have to reinvent the wheel and start from scratch trying to figure it out yourself the truth is every great accomplishment involves modeling after what's currently working that includes following our system our system is guaranteed to bring profits to you over and over again there's no reason for holding you back

from the same kind of success you can enjoy and there's even better news you too can enjoy that success faster and easier see we've created a brand new sports investing system that shows you exactly how to wager on the games we recommend to give you the highest win rate and ensure you are winning and not losing money at the end of every week our system not only teaches you are unique wagering system but

it also gives you most accurate and winning recommendations on games year-round it took us several years to discover us and a lot of money to perfect it if you really want to make big profits each month from betting on sports we can show you how you see while others are following a faulty system built on a faulty foundation we build ours on science statistics and most importantly something you can't pay for which is over

40 years of experience it's true we turn betting into a science and use not only information from our own experts in the industry but also the information from other savvy handicappers that we have come to respect over the years we've systematically turned sports wagering into sports investing using our own system that rarely loses and it's how we make consistent profits on a daily weekly and monthly basis see we started this system years ago

and with our continuous search for the best of the best handicappers and information we feel we have this perfected some handicappers are only good at certain sports or do very well in certain conferences based on their location some guys are good at certain periods of the season here's an example did you know that most college basketball handicappers make a big portion of their money for their clients in the first month or so of the

season during non-conference play it makes sense that certain times of the year will produce better results for any given sport and while we're not saying we know everything we do know the right people who have proven to do the best job for each particular sport and season and that information is getting passed on to you we figured out the trick to start winning consistently finally an easier sports betting system was born we're calling it

Doc's sports investors a completely new and consistent formula for making a steady profit from betting on sports this is the only sports betting system that eliminates risks and provides you with a better chance of winning consistently after refining and perfecting this proven sports betting system that earns you big profits month after month we knew it had to be shared with others so we build a team of sports betting experts who capture all the important

stats trends and insider data on games this team includes a professional handicapper experience statistician lines and odds expert and a successful sports investor as well as a large network of others we've come to trust in this industry and that can only come from years of experience we set up shop together and have never looked back we all share one common goal to consistently make money from wagering on sports all we care about is that ourselves

and our members win in the end nothing else matters in our office our team uses every statistic to cut the risk down as much as possible we gather the information on player injuries news reports and anything else that will affect the outcome of a game when the outcome is determined by research and analysis risk is greatly reduced and you'll have an advantage over other betters remember sports books set lines to balance the action

they don't want to gamble they want equal amounts bet on each side of the game so they can be guaranteed to collect the juice or big as it's called lines are set based on public perception to balance the action sports books know that certain public teams get bet more than others so they will adjust the line accordingly a lot of time there's great value in betting against public teams just for that reason alone

when you think of it this way we're not really trying to beat the sports books we're trying to beat the average better and ninety-nine percent of average betters lose money so when you look at it that way our job doesn't seem as difficult you can use the exact system we've used to rake in huge profits in any sport with less risk so let me introduce you to doc sports investors the formula that's

proven to rake in consistent profits guaranteed our proven system can literally be your gold mine you can tap into anytime you need money you can now have a system that helps you pick more winners bigger winners and more often we constantly check out what's happening with the teams and players based on news recent play behavior and insider data from top sports experts insights examining the latest news injuries matchups recent stats gossip insider info and more

it helps us make better statistical predictions more often we dig research and gather information on the games present it to you so that you can follow it using our docs sports investor system that guarantees more profits will automatically deliver our pics to your email and inside our members area all you have to do is take the pics we deliver and wager on them following our unique sports investing system better yet we'll show you

how to get these pics for the same price as a burger and fries at a fast food joint we use the most powerful tools available so you can quickly and automatically just get the pic and make the wager as our system advises you there's no need to waste time collecting confusing statistics from multiple sources and no need to guess how your pics will do just get the pics follow our system and make money

that's it our sports predictions come from extensive research and statistics looked over by experienced sports betting experts and professional handicappers we're real people who are trying to make you real money whether you love sports betting and just finally want to win consistently or you're just a regular person looking to make extra cash you can quickly and easily earn cash everyday sports are played which is 365 days a year in other words follow our low

hassle system and you're going to eliminate much of the risk that most losing better stumble upon this system will put more cash into your bank account we've done all the research for you so you have the best chance at winning consistently we're offering you a very unique sports investing system that can make you consistent profits year-round we teach you how to start with a small bankroll and build it up you can simply withdraw

your profits when you think it's the right time and our system works for any sport MLB baseball NBA and college basketball NHL hockey NFL football and college football there are thousands of games played every single day 360 five days a year so you have many chances to increase your bankroll and pocket continuous profits remember sports books need to post lines and odds on every single game we simply find a few of their mistakes our

proven system is one is big money month after month you can make consistent money for a long time like investing in stocks but this is much faster and easier the end result is what we like to think of as a super sports investing system that's designed to make you money from winning over and over again while following our unique sports investing system you decide how much you want to make or when to

take out your profits it's all up to your starting bankroll or you can reinvest your profits month after month to reach the level you want everyone has a chance of being a high roller by reinvesting their profits it's up to you and your risk tolerance and financial situation it really doesn't matter if you've never made a bet or you're an experienced better who wins from time to time this will help you win more

of your bets more often you'll have a consistent chance to enjoy bigger profits more often sports betting doesn't mean gambling we use science statistics trends and probability to treat this more like an investment in the stock market than just a bet this system gives you more accurate statistics to help you win money the system takes into consideration a number of statistical factors and circumstances surrounding games and determines which of them will have an exceptionally high

probability of success if you can follow some simple steps and easy directions you can start winning over and over again increasing your bankroll and putting more profits in your pocket each and every day the right approach to betting can put more money in your pocket and cash in your bank account imagine if you had a proven system that literally was able to use numbers statistics and probability and most importantly experience to make stunningly accurate

bets for you and imagine having a system in which you could make thousands consistently this system will have you receiving bigger cash-outs from the sportsbooks in casinos and online more often if you like the thrill of making money with little effort there's nothing like betting on sports especially if you happen to love sports like we do but as you'll see even that's not necessary using this system helps you turn sports betting into a profitable

venture that gives you a rate of return you can't even get in the stock market after you start using this system you'll enjoy a lot more profits more often now let me show you why we're different than other sports betting systems if you've been betting for any length of time you know there are some bad apples in this industry most so-called sports experts or handicappers have horrible win rates and charge you huge amounts

for daily weekly or monthly packages you've probably seen them on TV you know the ones those loudmouth guys screaming that everything is absolutely free that is until your call they'll charge you fifty or a hundred dollars per sports pick or five hundred or thousand or even more for their complete packages they'll also try to sell you on constant upgrades or new system tools and they have no help or customer support once you've signed up

it's true even after they ding your card for two hundred dollars they keep trying to get you to upgrade or buy the latest and greatest tool you need to succeed they don't want to help they just want to make the most money from you have you ever joined a handicapper and then been called by one of their salesmen to join their VIP club how much did they ask you for five hundred

one thousand dollars or even more what a joke they're just out to take every penny you have and could care less if you win or lose we're not going to try to sell you some lifetime system and then keep hitting you for system upgrades just to keep digging in your pockets we're not going to charge you a percentage of your winnings like some of these guys try and do with our system you pay

the same price each month for as long as you choose no sneaky upgrades or add-ons with our system just the same fixed price every month so you you know what to expect so if you make five hundred dollars or five thousand dollars or even fifty thousand dollars the price is the same no matter what after years of researching some of the best sports betting systems and handicappers in history our team of experts will

have you winning more bets and more profits and more often and because of that you can stop spending money on systems and handicappers that over-promised and under-delivered we want you to win and to be successful we're real people who are trying to make you real money we're not some huge facelet corporate company that's trying to take your money we're honest people who want to offer you a proven sports betting system that was designed

by experienced professionals we've worked hard over the years putting together a team of talented people dedicated to bringing this system to you this system has been tested against betting all the major USA sports it works to make consistent profits monthly lower risk and higher return works year-round the system works for all major American sports MLB NFL college football college basketball NBA and NHL our system even works for international betters all you need is five minutes

a day and a connection to the Internet to get your pics small starting bank wall required can start for as little as a hundred dollars but it's recommended to start with three to four hundred dollars the system is hooked up to all the latest technology to make smart sports picks using a proven sports investing system we have a full team working around the clock to give you the best possible pics to make big

profits from sports betting the members area gives three systems in one so even if one system has a bad week the idea is that the other two systems will pick up the slack created by veterans in the sports betting industry whose company started in 1971 a full team of sports betting experts trend followers lines and odds experts top-rated handicappers and number crunchers our system is sustainable for the long term and uses three solid systems

that work over and over and over again week after week and month after month to create almost automatic profits this can be your very own perpetual money-making machine you can use you can use it to make a nice stream of extra money any time this system helps you win more bets because instead of using your emotions to bet you'll be using the information that we've put together from the extensive network of connections we

try to take the gamble out of gambling we bet using math and statistics to win when you're talking about real money there's no room for luck or chance you'll have an advantage over other betters I truly believe that anyone who is interested in betting on sports can use this to place more winning bets and make more money and before you even begin thinking about how much this system will cost think about how much

it can make you after all this is an investment so you'll want to really consider the profits that come from using it with our sports betting system you can start with a little bankroll and make yourself nice consistent profits every month in no time you'll pay for it with house money it will pay for itself over and over again and honestly the monthly investment for this system really is a small fraction compared to

the money you're going to make back when you start winning you'll discover that if you follow our winning system sports betting will become one of the best investments you can ever make with your money so please say goodbye too risky betting say goodbye to gambling or luck say hello to turning betting into less risk and more profits just seconds from now you can have access to this system that automatically gives you more wins

and consistent profits than anything else you'll gain an advantage over the sports book it's true if you've ever thought to yourself that you could win more often if you just had access to that insider info now you can get it what's more don't even decide right now we just know how much you'll love using this when you see how fast and easy it is to start winning more bets more often just for watching

this video today we have a much better deal for you for less than the price of a combo at a fast food joint you can test out this winning system that can give you cash anytime you need it don't pay full price now try out our system first for just five dollars fifty cents and then decide you know something this could be the best decision you'll ever make when you're able to win

consistent profits week after week it doesn't take long before the money adds up but maybe you're still wondering if it will work after all you've been burned by all those other sports betting systems so we want to eliminate all worried and risk for you that's why we're not going to ask you to pay full price for this until you've had a chance to check out our membership area see the videos learn how

our system works and actually use our system that's right we'll let you try it for just five dollars fifty cents then make the decision whether or not to continue to be a member for our normal membership fee here's how it works when you click on the button below you'll be taken to a secure order page where you can instantly access and test drive everything for five days you'll get to see all the step-by-step

videos and everything you need to make a serious income from betting on sports we even give you a free gift inside the members area you can keep even if you cancel use our unique wagering system and make daily wagers using our docs sports investor system you pay nothing for the program today except for a small five dollar 50 cent processing fee that our merchant account requires us to charge take five whole days to

go through everything if you like it which I'm sure you will just keep it you don't have to do anything else because you'll be turned into a full member after the five days will apply the small processing fee five dollars and fifty cents you've already paid toward the program as well as the remaining monthly fee of $179 to main a member this fee is used to offset the cost for our software equipment industry

handicappers team members as well as the sports statistic and trend software we use to make sure you're getting the absolute best blaze and service every single day of the year not only that since it's in our best interest to have you with us each and every month we're going to give you the best tools techniques and strategies to make sure that you're successful so that you keep winning but again you only pay if

you're one hundred percent happy if you're not happy if you're not making so much more than your investment you don't pay for a very affordable monthly fee you can get all of the selections each month that will result in continuous winning profits we want to keep you up to date with the latest pics tools and techniques which is why there is a monthly fee for using this system we have employees on our

team who do nothing but work hard to provide our members with the best fix 365 days a year the monthly fee is nothing compared to the profits you make you'll make ten times that amount you'll easily pay for it right away with the profits you make in the unlikely case you decide it's not for you simply send us an email and let us know you want to cancel and we won't charge your

credit card at all your trial will be cancelled and your processing fee will be returned to you and if you sign up for a monthly membership you can cancel anytime you're never locked in but chances are you won't want to cancel when you're making a lot more money than you've invested with us if you're like most of our members you'll use our system to rake in serious money month after month like clockwork we

couldn't possibly make it any easier or low risk so look below this video right now go ahead and click on the orange button that says join dock sports investors now to grab this at the trial price remember it's not just a good deal you're getting here you're getting a proven system you can use to win more bets and make consistent monthly profits so go ahead and click join dock sports investors now but lo

check us out and then cancel and never pay a penny again or keep using it to profit month after month go ahead and take advantage of this limited trial offer while you're here click the join doc sports investors now button right below and I'll show you how I cracked the code to consistently win at sports betting raking in big profits every month like clockwork take the first step try it out now for

just five dollars fifty cents

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sports investing 8hi my name is John with doc sports service one of the most recognizable names in sports handicapping industry since 1971 wow that is a long time and we are very proud of it while other con artists and scammers have tried to convince you they have the winning secret on sports betting doc Sports has stuck to our key values of trust honesty and being one hundred percent up front with ourrecords and fees now in this short video I'm going to blow your mind by telling you the actual realities of sports be...