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What is prom night 2

hi guys so today I'm going to be telling you a story something that happened to me quite a while ago back in high school actually it's not going to be a fun story time video to do this is actually the first time I am publicly speaking about this thing that happened to me and only like a few people in my life really know this entire story and it's something

that I'm not very proud of and to this day it bothers me very much so not knowing exactly what happened and it was a huge life lesson for me I'm just gonna I'm just gonna try and tell the story and no editing I'm just gonna try to get through this story as quickly as possible and just get my point across so this happened on prom night it was my junior prom juniors

didn't have to go to prom senior prom was like the main thing but juniors were invited to the senior prom and my friend and I decided that we would go to junior prom it was very last-minute we're just like let's get dressed up and go to prom and blah blah so we picked out dresses and I was tanning like a motherfucker I think I was like completely orange that night I bleached blonde

hair and had a hot pink dress I was like a freakin Barbie doll the only problem with it being so last-minute is that I really didn't have time to find a date and no one in our junior class was really going to junior prom so it was kind of hard to find somebody to go with me and my friend had her boyfriend at the time so she was going to go with

her boyfriend and she suggested that she set me up on a blind prom date with her boyfriends friend so I was like well okay sure is he cute and she's like yeah he's cute I was like what does that mean whenever your girlfriend says a guy is cute nine times out of ten not really cute but he was okay I met him and he was pretty nice he had a really nice

car and we decided to take his car to prom it was like a sports car so we felt so cool and junior prom was fun we danced we party with all the seniors and I was friends with a lot of the senior class people so it was it was totally cool like wasn't awkward at all um the date was fine he wasn't like a weirdo he wasn't creepy or anything seem like she's like

a really friendly and nice guy the only thing that sucked about it is that I would have liked to be able to share prom night with somebody that I really liked or somebody that was special to me but I just went with the flow I was a little bit jealous of my girlfriend though because she was there with her boyfriend and they were all lovey-dovey and like all wrapped up in each other

so at the end of prom we decided that we would go back to my place because my parents weren't and still aren't very strict they would let me throw parties at my house they would allow me to get away with things that certain people's parents wouldn't allow them to get away with so like let's have an after-party at my place I have a jacuzzi I have like a big basement so we can

go party in my basement and have some drinks and have food and on our way out of the venue we saw this guy who was a senior and I didn't really know him but my friend kind of knew him and we were chatting with him and just out of nowhere we decided hey let's just invite this dude more than war the merrier so he's like okay cool I'll meet you guys what's

the address sounds like a geyser I gave him my address and I didn't really expect for him to actually come with us back to the house because he was kind of like the fifth wheel because it was my girlfriend her boyfriend me and this guy and then just this outsider but he ended up coming and we're back at my house and we are drinking a lot we are doing shots of just random

liquor that we found in my parents liquor cabinet we're listening to music and it is a very chill atmosphere but I can't honestly remember where was the point between me being drunk and me just like completely blacking out because at one point in the night things got really really fuzzy and I don't remember much of the night um but I did end up getting way way way too intoxicated and so did everybody else but

I don't think anybody was on the level that I was on and my friend and her boyfriend ended up like passing out on the couch and I remember being on the floor because we were sleeping on the floor and we had like blankets around us and everyone was just like laying around us so we were all in like one room and everyone was drunk and passing out and before blacking out I

remember someone putting their hands down my pants and I remember trying to like resist it and like trying to pull whoever's arm it was out of my pants I don't know who it was um I wish I could remember I wish I could go back and like try to relive that night and see what the hell happened but I just can't so I don't know and at that point I just blacked out

I fell asleep I don't know what happened and that really really freaks me out and then I woke up in the morning and I was still really really intoxicated and I think it was like 6:00 a.m. and I just got up in my drunken state and I was so drunk that I convinced myself that I needed to like walk it off like go and take a walk otherwise I was going to

get sick so I get up and I took a walk around my neighborhood and I was in sweat pants and a hoodie and at that point I was still so drunk that I didn't know what I was doing I just remember taking a walk around the neighborhood and just being just swaying back and forth and stumbling around a preacher my neighbors thought I was like on drugs or something and then I got

back to my house and I blacked out again and a couple hours later I woke up in my jacuzzi with my sweat pants and my hoodie on literally just like picked my head up and I was sitting in my jacuzzi my clothes lately soaking wet and I had vomited into the jacuzzi I know it's disgusting so I get up and I close the jacuzzi and I'm just like I'll deal with this I'll deal

with this later because I know my parents are gonna freak out maybe I can blame it on somebody else I ended up taking the fall for it and I begged my parents didn't find out for like two days and two days later my stepdad was like who the hell did the jacuzzi and I was like yeah that was me on prom night I puked in my jacuzzi and woke up in

it in my sweatpants and a hoodie and actually I'm really lucky that I didn't die because I could have drowned and I think back on that night and I am like wow so many things could have gone wrong and I am so lucky um and so weeks went by and I had to forget about everything that happened during prom night I tried to forget about like the whole hands in my pants thing

I forgot about the entire blacking out situation just trying to remove it from my mind because it made me really uncomfortable and I had a feeling something bad happened that night but I just didn't want to admit it to myself and then I was talking to my girlfriend one night and she was telling me like oh so you know someone got lucky on prom night and I'm like yeah you did right with

your boyfriend and she's like no we didn't have sex but you did and I was like no no I didn't I did not have sex with anybody and she's like well we found a condom the following morning and we didn't know whose it was and definitely wasn't ours and that just really hit me like a ton of bricks like wow there was no other girl there other than me and my girlfriend

and my girlfriend clearly did not have sex with her boyfriend and so there was a condom it only leaves one other option in and there were two guys and my girlfriend actually ended up confronting my prom date and he was extremely apologetic and said that it wasn't him and you know just made million excuses and I don't know if it was him I don't know if it was the other guy I have

no idea who it was and I don't eat I don't know what happened um I make excuses in my head I try to say okay well maybe like someone just was like playing a joke maybe there was just a condom and someone was like playing with it I don't know I honestly don't know and I try not to think about it a lot and it's hard for me to say that I'm

a victim of something because I don't even know what happened so was I sexually assaulted was was I raped I don't know and so I don't know what to think and I don't know what to feel and the only kind of feeling that I have is just like uneasily uneasiness and I just feel really uncomfortable about the whole entire situation and it bothers me still to this day it happened many years ago

but not knowing what happened it's just it freaks me out so I just want this to be a lesson for you girls young girls in high school please just be careful um my junior prom was kind of ruined with these series of events that happened and you think that you're safe if you're in your own home and you think that you're safe if you're surrounded by people that you mostly know but sometimes you

just don't know and this kind of stuff can happen anywhere to anybody so please be careful I don't know if I was roofied I don't know if I drank too much I was just a dumbass sixteen-year-old girl so who really knows what happened I will never know what happened but I know that it'll never happen again and hopefully this story can warn other girls who you might be like how I was and take

risks that that are just really really a bad idea I also realize that the whole jacuzzi situation is extremely dangerous and underage drinking is no joke um you know sometimes it's the difference between like one shot that can put you over the edge and then you don't know what you did that night and you could put yourself into a really really dangerous situation where you or other people can end up hurt so please

don't make the same mistakes I did so that's going to be it for today's video wow that's like it feels like a weight off my chest right now just talking about this with you guys and I feel kind of crazy saying it for the first time on my youtube channel but I'm glad I did like a weight off my shoulders so yeah thank you so much guys for watching um I really don't

know what else to say other than I hope this video can help somebody and I'll see you guys in my next video

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What is prom night 2hi guys so today I'm going to be telling you a story something that happened to me quite a while ago back in high school actually it's not going to be a fun story time video to do this is actually the first time I am publicly speaking about this thing that happened to me and only like a few people in my life really know this entire story and it's somethingthat I'm not very proud of and to this day it bothers me very much so not knowing exac...