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everyone so today I wanted to talk about sex on prom night I was talking to my little sister the other day and you're talking about prom it's actually going through my Instagram messages and my facebook messages and realizing that a lot of you guys and I think my younger viewers were really interested in the topic of sex on prom night as always the number one person that you should

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be listening to for any opinions or ideas about your sexual health is yourself I don't know everything I don't know every scenario and of course every person is different and all I can do is just give you my personal advice and of course people can go ahead and leave suggestions in the comments I think that's amazing when other people comment their own personal opinions and their own scenarios because I think you can be super

helpful for other girls that are looking for advice on this topic the first I want to examine why we kind of put two and two together so I think prom night is of course it is kind of a rite of passage is a very special night and I think just all in all is something that people plan for people love to get a dress get your hair done get your nails done

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figure out the perfect day the perfect after-party take a party bus all that kind of stuff and I think with all of that planning that goes into it a lot of people also just think oh you know maybe this should be the night where I plan to have sex with my date or lose my virginity and I think that the whole idea of losing your virginity on prom night it can seem

pretty romantic I know of course when you're in high school you don't have a ton of money you don't necessarily go out these extravagant dates all the time so thinking of your date or your boyfriend will be in a tuxedo and you'll be in this fancy dress and it's going to be just this magical romantic night it could sound like an idea that seems like something you'd want to do and I totally

get that I just think there are some things that you have to be mindful of before you go ahead and decide that you're going to have sex on prom night first of all number one thing no matter what the scenario is whether this is your boyfriend that you've been dating since you were in eighth grade or this is just some guy that asked you to prom the night before and you're going with

him you do not owe your date to prom anything you don't and any sexual favors yellow insects you don't know him absolutely anything no matter if he is paying for the entire night he bought the tickets or you already told him that you wanted to have sex with him you know previously to this or you even already have had sex with him it doesn't matter and I think that's something really big that of

course you know i would hope people would already know that but i think so many girls don't and so many people have written me messages saying you know i feel obligated i already told him that I wanted to but now I'm thinking maybe I'm not ready or you know someone specifically saying you know my date is buying everything for the actual prom events like do I owe him this as being his dates and

of course don't I never want you to think that you have to do something because someone else did something for you and this whole concept goes far beyond prom and even more into your adult life you know when you're out at a bar and a guy buys you a drink that doesn't automatically mean that you then have to sleep with him or hook up with him or anything and I think the

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same goes for being someone's date to a formal or to a prom or any event like that word is kind of a special thing and there is a lot of time and money and effort put into it know that that doesn't in any way mean that you have to be sexual just be aware of the fact that if you are not someone who drinks regularly and you're going to be drinking on prom

night you want to be careful you don't want to get too drunk and then get into a situation where you don't know what's going on or you're not in control of yourself you never want to do that it's very very dangerous and it can lead to a lot of really bad things so of course just be careful if you are going to be involving alcohol and sex and prom all in one

big night I also wanted to touch on you know after parties and that kind of stuff going along with food drinking I think there also is a lot of pressure just from other people I know a lot of girls you know talk with their friends about who has also virginity and who hasn't and honestly it's such a private matter I don't think you should ever feel like you have to just get it

over with to fit in with people or to feel like you can you know join that conversation I just don't think you should look at it like that and it makes me really sad when i get messages from girls that say you know all my friends have already sex like I feel like I need to because I don't feel like I fit in and I feel you know so much younger than

them so much less experience because they haven't done that and really really don't think that I think you have to realize that just having sex with someone it's not going to make them be your boyfriend it's not going to make them stay with you it's not gonna make them fall in love with you and that's a harsh truth that I think a lot of girls need to hear and need to understand I

know a girl that in high school she had this boyfriend and of course like I said problems at the end of the year so they were actually going to separate colleges and on prom night she did lose her virginity to her boyfriend and he broke up with her a week later and while that seems super rude of him and just really unfortunate you have to understand that at that age guys are very

young a lot of guys are very immature and I think well you know your body may be physically able to have sex you also need to be mentally and emotionally mature enough to have sex and that goes into understanding your feelings how it's going to make you feel how it's going to make your partner feel and you have to be ready for the consequences and a lot of time the consequences can be

that having sex with someone might not lead to any further relationship and it also my in your relationship if you end up having sex with your best friend because you took him as your date to prom and then you know things are uncomfortable or awkward or one of you feels you know deeper about the other person and the other person doesn't feel the same way that could ruin a friendship and that could make

things just be so much different than they were before so I think just really thinking everything through is so important I think planning and understanding you know what you want out of prom night is just as much of something you need to plan as getting a dress or you know where you're going to be at night or who you're going with I think you really need to think everything through because you also don't

want to get in this situation where you don't have protection so if you are not already on birth control and your partner doesn't have a condom and you decide have unprotected sex anyways that's going to cause you a lot more problems down the road whether if you just decided to plan it out and just be a little bit more prepared now as a girl I think we need to take control of

our bodies and of our own you know sexual full history and our own sexual I guess being and so as a girl if you think that you're going to be having sex on prom night have a condom with you because you don't want to get in a situation where you're about to do it and then the guy pulls the oh I don't have a condom or I don't want to wear a

condom or anything like that and if you have one as a girl you're already prepared and you cannot be put into that situation where you might kind of be convinced into having unprotected sex with someone because you weren't prepared now of course on the topic of buying condoms and being on birth control and all that kind of stuff I would love to make a further video talking about all that because I think again

super super important stuff and sometimes it's something that you don't want to talk to you a parent about or you don't really have anyone to go to with those questions about those topics because they understand sometimes it can be uncomfortable and a little bit embarrassing but you have to remember that if you are you know emotionally mature enough to be having sex you need to be mature enough to be on birth control go

to a doctor and talk to her about your options or also be comfortable buying condoms as well and I've heard from many people oh you know I feel too awkward doing that or oh I'm too scared to go to a gynecologist you need to do all of those things to make sure that you are safe and healthy because having sex you need to make sure that those things are taking care of

an hour in order just so that you can actually enjoy it and you don't to be worried about all the negative repercussions that can come from having unprotected sex so I think that's pretty much it i think that's all i want to talk about mainly just focus on yourself prom is such a special experience and I think you all should definitely be excited for prom I think you should of course a TED and

prom even if you don't have a date or if you don't have a boyfriend or you don't have someone to go with just go with a group of girlfriends and have fun and make it an awesome memory and make sure that you are just mindful of the fact that this is your night and you don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with and I would recommend not doing anything that you feel

like you may regret later on because you want to always have prom in the back of your mind as a wonderful memory and I don't think you want to cloud it with any judgment of anything that might make it you know a hurtful or painful memory for you down the line so i think that's basically it for this video feel free to leave me any questions or message me if you have any

more and I'll see you guys in my next video bye

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What is prom night 5everyone so today I wanted to talk about sex on prom night I was talking to my little sister the other day and you're talking about prom it's actually going through my Instagram messages and my facebook messages and realizing that a lot of you guys and I think my younger viewers were really interested in the topic of sex on prom night as always the number one person that you shouldDLFASHION Scoop Neck Sweep Train Beaded Chiffon Prom Dress M-10 Burgundybe listening to f...