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you imagine if you had an almanac with tomorrow sports results and events imagine what you could do if you knew the outcome before it actually happened impossible you say then check this out hi it's Ron again you know guys sports is my life since childhood I was trying to crunch the code to predict tomorrow's games in fact this may sound a little bit like a Back to the Future fairytale but

we've come as close as we can to the results of tomorrow's Almanac during the last 13 years we've been gathering sports data for major league sports like Major League Baseball NHL hockey the NFL football and NBA basketball we crunching the numbers and we're comparing the stats we're analyzing and back testing everything for years and years to crack the sports code to find those repeating patterns and trends to understand what makes teams win and

what makes teams lose and you know what we found we found that history always repeats itself this is true especially in sports where the rules are strictly defined the outcomes in these situations are very predictable of course there are lucky strikes and conditions that are impossible to put into perspective however those are very small percentages if you know the past outcome of an event you can predict the results for the game in similar circumstances

with a high degree of probability as I said before the past is never a full indication of what will happen in the future and there is always room for surprises but again this is what makes sports fun to watch am i right however what is the chance of a team with similar power and player statistics will produce a similar outcome in a similar game in similar circumstances what's that percentage 86.5 percent that's right

in eighty six point five percent of the cases there will be no surprises and the prediction will come absolutely true z-code is our proprietary sports investing software that keeps making us consistent gains each and every month the truth is we love sports we love sports but we hate to gamble what we call this is sports investing which is similar to any other trading like stocks stock options and Forex trades this is just way more

predictable than today's flawed economic models with crisises and bankruptcy events here's how our sports investing works every day the software is gathering thousands and thousands and thousands of sports data and results every single event every single detail every single player and every single team then it starts the simulation with over 80 parameters in the Z code formula to come up with a precise and easy-to-use prediction it not only tells you who is going to

win but also and most importantly where the value is which means more money can be made guessing the winner is just part of the story finding a real value is where the money is at and here comes the kicker you don't need to know anything about sports at all again you don't need to know anything since the system tells you exactly what to do which team is supposed to win what are the

chances of winning and what is the best selection you can make the maximum profit this allows you to lean back relax sip a cup of coffee and watch the events unfold in favor of your wallet each game receives a rating from one to five stars which shows you which pic is the most valuable it's as easy as that folks you put your bets in and you win that's it but don't trust my

word on it let's see what hundreds of sports investors who have joined our beta testing group or here to say about Z code boards with the power of technology statistical data since 1999 but wait don't take my word for it let's hear what other people are saying about our service hey whats up guys its mark and I have been bugging you by email the last couple weeks telling you about my pics and all

that stuff but i thought i'd send you a video i love the program you guys are awesome i started with just a little bit of cash i double down the first week and double my money back and since rick i just wanted to share my success story with VIP sports pics & Z code system you know I've been following it for a while with great success it's had its ups and downs

but at the end of the month my bankroll ended in a nice plus so far I've never experienced any single losing month which is really great comparing to other handicapping services that I used okay guys just wanted to share my experience on MLB which you use with the Z code system since I began with it you guys been running approximately sixty-four percent which is pretty good and with the money management in place is

definitely all good and frankly that's how the Z code system words the sports pictures they have which I actually use right on my iPad right here sports I'm no expert but thankfully your pics have been consistently whereby the average and I felt I owed you a huge thanks for all the time you put in because none of them have had a proven system that can be back tested all the way back to

nineteen ninety nine I mean you guys are different and I think your record just goes to prove that for the past two years and you guys can sir are the best in customer service it's cold feet cold system calm what do I think of it I think seco Roxanne went all the way it works I already made about three times more than my subscription fee this one hi it's his Peter from Toronto

and I started using yours ecosystem and sports pics three weeks ago and I did win a small profit so i hope this winning trend continues to become a long-term winner for me and i'm glad i joined the service so thanks guys and let's make some profits together Cheers alright this is vito from beautiful Las Vegas and my success story starts like this back in July I put in 1500 us which gave me a

bonus of 250 us is my initial deposit and in six weeks I have earned an additional nine hundred dollars not bad for just six weeks work now I followed your predictions and your site and I'm just totally totally absolutely please it was easy to follow I love your free predictions and it's just been a fantastic thing for me I just love what you guys do you guys know what you're doing you're the best

and I just gotta say a million things because you guys know what you do it that is what the Z code Sports Picks service is all about they choose the right game on the right time and in the right place that is the key to winning it all it works for me and I hope it will help you get the right winning picks and make some cash I started with thirty dollars

s that was all I had and I put four dollars or just a few pics to start off with then I gradually increased it my amount now is a hundred eighty dollars that's six times more than when I started it two months ago and guys are gonna send you pics at your place in the bookie and hopefully you win I have been winning during the last three weeks and I have been up

to thirty seven percent of my original investment bank roll and I'm very excited watching my numbers grow day by day I'm falling the seat code system for a little over a month and also found some of the trees their pics from your VIP club and i made about twenty five percent oh my money in that time do I know anything about sports no not at all I never cared less but sports investing

is not about sports it's about following the winning system does the Z code system work for me yes i've been using z-code sports handicapping service and VIP picks for a while with great success and what i really like about it is that it is extremely easy to follow because guys provide detail guidelines and comments to each pics for example on the amount of points I need to place which teams to bet what

is the prediction percentage to win etc and it's really helpful as it gives me confidence within the system you guys until you know I've really enjoyed your service and your betting myth articles as well I find them very helpful as they gave me real important insight on betting niches and general sports investing hey guys this is lamar smith from Des Moines Iowa and you know I was scammed and although several get-rich-quick schemes and I

was just looking for a reputable service I'm glad that I came across the fight and I'm looking forward to working with you again that Zeke old system works the pics are winning and it's highly profitable a lot of people from outside may be looking at it thinking that it's not true but I'm going to say that from the profits that I've made with this system I've already bought a brand new Playstation 3 I

have no idea but sports I believe is a men's job to watch sports and stuff like that you know but I've always wanted to make some extra money so I decided to give it a try we are even thinking twice you know um I follow your pigs I place my bed and I one with you so thank you so much this is like a really great job and it was actually pretty

easy John and I are really impressed by the accuracy and the high winning rate of your z-code pics and system place that's exactly what Z code system is all about you see these guys developed a system that is back tested back to nineteen ninety nine over 11 years of research than analyze force data their success formula takes into consideration all the stats about every player on every team and their profitability keeps on rolling sound

great you bet it does so how can you win with us guys no matter if you live and breathe sports or you have no clue about sports you can start winning with us it's fun and it's easy over the course of the last major league baseball season we generated it over 12,000 US dollars in profits for our members with just an average bet of one hundred dollars going from one hundred dollars to

twelve thousand dollars now what kind of bank is going to give you that kind of return none right well and the best part of it is is that we have never had a single losing month ever all our pics are documented and proven each winning and losing pic is available for members to check and verify in the members own again and this is the key to success not only do you need

to win you need to be able to stash your earnings in your bank account then and only then can you call it a game you can call it profit that's how all the sports cappers out there fail they get lucky and people hop on a winning streak of their gut feelings and their predictions and they lose it all and start all over again while the bookkeeper smiles and as happy as a

clam we win because we don't trust emotions we win because we follow patterns and our proprietary star winnings in the bank money management system sounds like this could be for you don't say yes just yet just say maybe for right now take our VIP service for a test spin for 30 days if you have not made a ton of money by then with winning picks from our system we will refund every single

penny we're so confident in this system that all the risk is on us join the club today and receive instant access to the winning z-code pics and prediction software you will get a to the letter plans step-by-step instructions to guarantee your success no matter if you are a professional sport investor never hurt anything about sports at all you're a stay-at-home mom who just wants make some income on the side or if you're a regular

guy who just wants to fill up your bank account it's quick and it's safe and it's a great way to make extra money see you on the other side in a minute and let's put you into profit mode

See more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Re967wDpzlM

zcode bible 3you imagine if you had an almanac with tomorrow sports results and events imagine what you could do if you knew the outcome before it actually happened impossible you say then check this out hi it's Ron again you know guys sports is my life since childhood I was trying to crunch the code to predict tomorrow's games in fact this may sound a little bit like a Back to the Future fairytale butwe've come as close as we can to the results of tomorrow's Almanac during the...