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wifes or something hi it's Jeff here with a newbies guide to sport investment zip code and the meaning of life and there on the left to get started a little bit of Latin but unless you've just graduated from an Ivy League university or happen to be a century in your spare time not alive used to us so there you go through knowledge and friendship we profit which really just say

all about said code so to start this video off let's go with a question do professional gamblers exist now my opinion the answer most definitely is no they don't Ave gamblers or to put it another way would a shrewd business investor suddenly throw money at a win at a possible investment no course I wouldn't let's look at those photographs again which photo is the odd one out it's not that one or that

one or that one or that one let's look a bit more closely at that photograph what you see on the screens yeah mba now some of those guys there probably are gamblers but many of them have put an awful lot thought into the investment so what is the difference between a gambler and an investor well you colleague at work as heard that a friend's friend who overheard his brother talk about someone who's nair

dresser that heard for one of his customers neighbors these daughters boyfriend works at our stables and heard that one of the offices is definitely good a win in the 730 at Santa Anita you can't wait to get a hundred dollars on it now does that make you an investor or a gambler if you're not sure frankly you need to give your head a wobble lock yourself away in a dark room and

don't come out for your own safety don't come out ever now you're offered a chance on a dice game the game is totally fair normal dice it will cost you ten dollars to throw two dice if you throw a total of six or blow you lose your money throw a total of seven or above and you get twenty dollars now as I said it's a totally fair game normal dice nothing wrong which

go for it yes a person with a brain would on an average of a hundred throws you would win 58 times I lose 42 that's one thousand one hundred and sixty dollars in winnings losing 420 a total of seven hundred and forty dollars profit so you have two options look for somewhere fair that gives a dice game like that or join z-code are you reading this well it means you do not

have to give your head a wobble you have made the right choice zedd code is just like that dice game no seriously it is whether you follow bear aamir NFL civils cherries stewart's multiples banastes NHL kryptonite and godzilla mba Aragorn and Legolas Jeff and NHL or Rowland's riders greg's NHL Timothy's n-c-double-a Roberts TT EV NFL Jake's tennis her roots Polly's Alberta's engine Germans cherries Marines soccer or KHL knowledge super- three and a half soccer

palace etc etc etc which is just like following that dice game on any given investment play you may lose but over time you will win so you are or want to be an investor you've joined the Zed Koch community what next by joining said code you have made a huge step now let's look at two things you have to cement in place before you can consider yourself a sports investor a sound mind

set and a sound money management strategy the two main points that make the difference between investment and gambling it's a sound mind set and good money management you have to be clear of what you want I know this sounds obvious but believe me it isn't if you have dreams of what you want to achieve well let's be like this the first thing you need to do to achieve your dreams is to wake

up stop dreaming start planning its sport investment you have to be able to identify value bet situations where the odds available a greater than the true chance of winning and then have to have the discipline to methodically bet only when these situations arise or of course follow the experts that do that for you patience is a virtue they say God knows it is in sports investment do this then all the laws of mathematics and

probability dictate the long-term you will make a profit good money management goes hand in hand with a sound mind set part a good money management is sound record keeping although I keep spreadsheets which are incredibly useful I also like to keep records on paper in a file I guess I see that as a fail-safe you will often see beds plays given as 1 2 3 units for mozhet coders this would be seen as

one percent two percent three percent of your bankroll so say you start off with a thousand dollars you put two percent on a player odds of 1.91 this would mean about twenty dollars if you win your bet your bankroll goes to 1018 dollars twenty cents next time you place a bet of two percent it would mean above twenty dollars thirty-six cents likewise if you lost your first bet it would mean a bed

of $19 sixty cents what this means is you follow one of 0 to experts your bets will gradually rise rather than you make an irrational decisions like wow I had a great day to day tomorrow I'm going to bet 100 dollar bets instead of the twenty-dollar pets are made today now remember this game well any one of a certain age will yes games actually used to look like this it was called Frogger

you had to control your little frog and jump from lock to lock as another one came along to get across the river now you are that little frog and the Z code experts are the locks please stay with me there is a point to this if you follow an expert and they have a couple of losing plays and this will happen of course don't suddenly abandon that expert and jump on another log

believe me you will not prosper now look at this the above is a graph showing the profit made in MLB on placing one hundred dollar bets on moneyline and minus 1 handicap with a power ranking difference of more than 12 on Sundays Wednesdays and Saturdays over 52,000 dollars in profit yes you read it right fifty two thousand dollars plus now just for a moment back to our frogs and locks there's the graph

there's a little froggy now look at that one little part the graph you see the downturn yeah quite a downturn look at those losses probably over a say a 15-game period not all these plays would have been losses what you would have made losses over this period now what you're going to do jump yeah that's right little froggy jump and miss out on properly thirty-five thousand dollars plus in profits that followed with that sort

of thinking you would end up taking in all the experts losing streaks and missing out on many of their great winning runs you ever heard of the poem if by rudyard kipling well all the great tennis players Billie Jean King Martina Navratilova lew hoad beyond Borg Pete Sampras Roger Federer Rafael Nadal plus many other great tennis stars would have seen it it is printed over the players entrance the Wimbledon center court an excerpt

reads if you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two Impostors just the same losing bets will happen they are part of the game one step back and the next day two steps forward you lose a few bets when fall an expert remember those two lines above if you fill your thoughts with regret and bitterness when you lose you will not think rationally and make good decisions now you understand the

importance of a sound mind set a sound money management strategy you remember why I said about one to three units normally representing 1% 2% 3% etc your bankroll well this is the way to go well that works well for most people on zeg code but I would recommend that for the first few weeks just take each recommended play for a small amount of save five dollars ten dollars mistakes will be made best make

them with small amounts you have to find the books that suit you so their websites can be a little daunting at first when you use them for a first time some terminology like parlays can confuse at first after a few weeks when you feel you are confident enough then permanently switch to the one percent two percent three percent approach there is one thing I would like to add at this moment if you do

the sensible thing and start by putting on save five dollars a point before going to the percent of bankroll approach please don't think to yourself I must met place bigger bets to win back the monthly cost of zed code you should think of said code as a fantastic training course which it is you will learn so much from the various experts so don't think you certainly have to start winning back your monthly subscription

believe me this is an investment the profits will soon start flowing soon enough choose your bookmakers notice i said bookmakers plural there are major advantages in belonging to a number of excellent bookmakers first you will not be able to cover all the bets you may want to with just one book when you belong to a number of good bookmakers you can sometimes shop around for the best price using an odds comparison site like

this one quite a few books they're always check your bookmaker is trustworthy before joining you can find reviews of your bookmakers on that site and of course you will see what others echoed members are using some bookmakers do not accept customers from certain countries this unfortunately also applies to exchanges five times binnacle bet365 bookmaker dot EU bovada sportsbook coral marathon bet paddypower william hill plus many other good bookmakers as well betfair is by far the

biggest and best sports exchange but cannot accept customers from the US and Australia and some others but you also have bet back and WB X betting exchanges can give you fixed odds quite often better than those available to actual bookmakers though they also are you trade but we'll leave that for another day well for a first video I think we have covered enough ground oh what's that I promised you up aha yeah the

meaning of life well as soon as he tells me i'll pass on the information thank you for joining me for a new biz guide to sports investment said code and the meaning of life through knowledge and friendship we profit well that's the end but there will be more videos to come see you then

See more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WknfOxDubOM

zcode bible 6wifes or something hi it's Jeff here with a newbies guide to sport investment zip code and the meaning of life and there on the left to get started a little bit of Latin but unless you've just graduated from an Ivy League university or happen to be a century in your spare time not alive used to us so there you go through knowledge and friendship we profit which really just sayall about said code so to start this video off let's go with a question do profe...