-The impeachment inquiry in the House rolls on. In today’s docket,
there was testimony provided by Lieutenant Colonel
Alexander Vindman… Pretty solid witness, right? Well, turns out, that depends
on whom you ask. -Get this. This is buried
in The New York Times piece tonight,
but I found it very interesting. “Because [Colonel Vindman]
emigrated from Ukraine, along with his family
when he was a child and is fluent in Ukrainian
and Russian, Ukrainian officials
sought advice from him about how to deal
with Mr. Giuliani, though they typi-cal-ly [laughing]
communicated in English”! Here we have a U.S.
national security official who is advising Ukraine while
working inside the White House, apparently against
the president’s interests, and, usually,
they spoke in English. Isn’t that kind of
an interesting angle on this story? -This bring us to a segment
we call “Hey!” [ Upbeat suspenseful theme ]
[ Cheering and applause ] Hey!
[ Whistling ] Laura Ingraham, you’re
attacking a decorated veteran to protect Donald Trump?
Who do you think you are, Donald Trump? [ Laughter ]
And, by the way, yes, Colonel Vindman emigrated
from Ukraine when he was three. Nobody even remembers where they
were when they were three, with the possible
exception of you. I’m sure, when you were three,
you were already at Saks Fifth Avenue,
makin’ a salesperson cry. [ Laughter ] And, hey, do you really
think it’s smart to attack veterans on Fox News? Veterans make up a pretty good
chunk of your audience. I think it goes veterans, people visiting
their elderly relatives, and rage-aholic golfers
age 73 and up. [ Laughter ]
But, hey! At least you weren’t alone. A CNN contributor
named Sean Duffy got in on the action as well. -Mr. Vindman, he’s an advisor
to the president. He is a former Ukrainian. He wants to make sure
the taxpayer money goes in military aid to the Ukraine.
-I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Why does it matter? Why does
it matter where he was born? I’m sorry, Congressman Duffy,
why does it matter where he was born?
-I’m going to explain that to you.
-That came up on Fox News. He’s an active duty
military member, an American who was awarded
the Purple Heart. -It seems very clear
that he is incredibly concerned about Ukrainian defense. I don’t know that he’s concerned
about American policy, but his main mission was
to make sure that the Ukraine got
those weapons. -Oh, hey! Sean Duffy, you don’t know about his concern
for American policy? He got a Purple Heart
fighting for America. You were — and this is true,
this is seriously true — a cast member
on “The Real World: Boston.” [ Laughter ] And, by the way,
“The Real World: Boston” is the biggest oxymoron
I have ever heard. [ Laughter ]
Boston isn’t the real world. It’s like Colonial Williamsburg
with fistfights. [ Fresh laughter ]
And, hey! You guys think
he’s putting Ukraine over America
because he speaks Ukrainian? It might actually be helpful
to speak the language of the nation
you’re dealing with. Imagine how much better things
would be doin’ here if this guy spoke English. [ Laughter ]
And, hey, CNN! Why are you having
Sean Duffy on, anyway? From now on, anytime you have
someone from a reality show on CNN, someone from CNN has
to go on a reality show. Let’s see how Wolf Blitzer
does on “Love Island.” [ Laughter and applause ]
He’d probably — [ Cheering and applause ]
If we’re being honest — I bet he’d do pretty well. [English accent]
“I like your beard. Your beard matches your face. [ Laughter ] Your first name’s Wolf? I like that.” [ Laughter ] This has been “Hey!” ♪♪
[ Cheering and applause ]

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